A625 Alloy

Alloy name: A625
Diagram No.: 1074
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: 20.5-22.5% Cr, 4.0-5.0% Fe, 8.1-8.9% Mo, 3.4-3.7% Nb+Ta, 0.01-0.40% C, 0.02-0.10% Mn, 0.05-0.10% Si, 0.02-0.04% Al, 0.1-0.25% Ti, balance is Ni
Alloy group: Nickel-based alloys
Note: Effects of Thermal Exposures on the Impact Properties of Two Heats of A625 (Reference 15).
Figure shows Kohler's (Reference 15) results in terms of ISO-Charpy V-notch impact energy curves as a function of the exposure time and temperature. Kohler attributed the loss in toughness to the precipitation of Delta, Gamma" and carbide particles.
As expected, reducing the C and Nb content will minimize the formation of the various grain boundary phases,embrittlement. and improve the resistance to thermal Figure also shows Kohler's thermal embrittlement results with another heat of Alloy 625 in which the C was reduced from 0.03 to 0.011, and the Nb from 3.74 to 3.42 percent. This leaner composition was still embrittled, but the time to reach the same degree of embrittlement was increased by about a factor of three versus the higher C and Nb heat.
Reference: Not shown in this demo version.

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