BOF Slag

Name: BOF Slag
Diagram No.: 1145
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: See the table
Group: Slags
Note: (a) TTT curves of the different samples of interest; (b) Schematic diagram of the multi-stage control of waste heat recovery [115].
Sun et al. investigated the heat recovery from high temperature blast furnace (BF) slag with a varying amount of Al2O3 addition. Figure (a) and (b) present, respectively, the TTT curves of the samples and the schematic proposal for the multi-stage control of waste heat recovery based on the measured TTT curves. Since it is necessary to obtain an amorphous slag with high reactivity for cement production, three treatment phases were proposed for extracting the heat, where the maximum amorphous fraction can be achieved. In the first stage (temperature above T1), heat exchange could be kept for a rather long time by storing the heat/energy in a phase change material (PCM) [114]. In the second stage (temperature from T1 to T2), the heat extraction duration is limited and the cooling rate should be higher than the critical cooling rate to avoid crystallization. The third stage (temperature below T2), as the slag was vitrified through a rapid cooling, allows a long time for heat exchange [115]. Apparently, slag solidification can also be linked with energy recovery from the slag.
Additional links: No. 1144, No. 1145, No. 1146, No. 1147
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