Industrial Mold Slag

Name: Industrial Mold Slag
Diagram No.: 1177
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: 33.4% CaO, 39.5% SiO2, 19.5% Al2O3, 7.3% MgO
Group: Slags
Note: From Fig. we can see the typical C shape of the TTT curve and the fact that from continuous cooling experiments the time to solidification start is extended. Both curves are for the first observation of solid. As the liquidus of this slag is approximately 1260 C it is relatively easy to undercool these slags by more than 300 C in TTT mode. The criterion for glass formation in these experiments is that the cooling rate should be greater than 6 C per second and at thermal gradients above this crystallization can be completely avoided. In these thermocouple techniques solidification at higher temperatures always occurs on the thermocouples as the platinum/rhodium of the thermocouple wire is a heterogeneous nucleation point for solidification of the oxide; however, as the temperature decreases the effect of the thermocouple as a nucleating agent diminishes until eventually there is no effect and solid is seen to precipitate and grow within the bulk of the liquid.
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