7050-W Alloy

Alloy name: 7050-W
Diagram No.: 1181
Type of diagram: TTP
Chemical composition in weight %: max. 0.04% Cr, 2.0-2.6% Cu, max. 0.15% Fe, 1.90-2.60% Mg, max. 0.10% Mn, max. 0.12% Si, max. 0.06% Ti, 5.70-6.70% Zn, 0.08-0.15% Zr, balance is Al
Alloy group: Aluminium-based alloys
Note: Figure is an example of a TTP diagram for two properties. This work was done on 7050-W, which is not a product, to investigate some fundamentals. As-quenched resistivity was reduced to define contours of 90% and 80% solute retained. The other property shown in Fig. is corrosion mode. The dominance of IG (intergranular corrosion) inside the circle is presumed due to an anodic, Cu-depleted zone caused by grain-boundary precipitation. The time to develop these corrosive conditions at the grain-boundary is very short, less than the time for solute loss detectable with resistivity, which has been known for a long time. Figure also indicates that the corrosion mode changes from IG back to pitting it the hold near 350C is continued long enough for significant solute loss to dispersoids. The conventional explanation is that solute removal in the matrix reduces galvanic difference between matrix and PFZ, which reduced the driving force for IG corrosion.
Reference: Not shown in this demo version.

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