Cu(100-x)Zr(x) Alloy

Alloy name: Cu(100-x)Zr(x)
Diagram No.: 1185
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in atomic %: Cu(100-x)Zr(x) (x=3538.2 at.%
Alloy group: Metallic glass
Note: Reduced Time-Temperature-Transformation (TTT) diagram of Cu(100-x)Zr(x) (x=3538.2 at.%) alloys. Tl at reduced temperature (T/Tl) is the average value of the three different liquidus temperatures (Tl: present, Tl: ref. 30, Tl: ref. 31).The blue and red lines are of calculated TTT curves from ref.20, and dots are of experimental results in present study using the ESL technique. The inset is magnified from the dots with dashed guide lines for eyes.
To verify the stability of the supercooled liquid as a function of time, we carried out Time-Temperature-Transformation (TTT) experiments. In particular, we focus on the Cu64Zr36, since the origin of the higher GFA for the most studied composition is still unclear. Figure 2 shows the TTT-diagram of Cu(100-x)Zr(x) (x=3538.2 at.%) liquids. At the same reduced supercooling temperature, T/Tl-0.865, as an example, Cu64Zr36 liquid indeed persists for much longer time 455 s in the supercooled liquid state than other neighbouring compositions, 124 s and 16 s for Cu63.1Zr36.9 and Cu61.8Zr38.2, respectively. This experimental observation is consistent with the calculated TTT-diagram of Cu64Zr36 (red) and Cu61.8Zr38.2 (blue) from ref. 19, although the exact values are different.
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