Ag-Cu Alloy

Alloy name: Ag-Cu
Diagram No.: 349
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in atomic %: 38.3% Cu, balance is Ag
Alloy group: Silver-based alloys
Note: Treatment: Samples were placed in a quartz tube inaide a vertical furnace, held at a temperature approx. 45C (l13F) above melting point in an argon atmosphere for 2 h, then drop quenched into a water bath to obtain a fine initial microstructure. Salt baths and boiling distilled water were used for the isothermal aging treatments<.BR> Reference: D.G. Beck, S.M. Copley, M. Baee, The Constitution and Phase Stability of Overlapping Melt Trailr in Ag-Cu Alloys Produced by Continuous Lacer Melt Quenching, Met. Trans. A, Vol 13A, November 1982, pp. 1879-1889.

Transformation Diagram

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