C2 Alloy

Alloy name: C2
Diagram No.: 699
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: C2 alloy: 0.5% Fe, 0.15% Si, 1.0% Mn, balance is Al
Alloy group: Aluminium-based alloys
Note: TTT-diagram for C2-B3 (hom. nr.2 – epsilon = 3.0).
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Reference: Jarl Erik Morsund Flatøy, Process- and Alloy Development of Recyclable Aluminium Alloys, Recovery and Recrystallization Behavior of a Selection of AlMn model Alloys, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, June 2011, pp. 1-163.

Transformation Diagram

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The three variants of the C2-alloy after homogenization

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The nine different variants of the C2-alloy after the cold rolling

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