625 Alloy

Alloy name: 625
Diagram No.: 815
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: 21.74% Cr, 2.87% Fe, 8.58% Mo, 3.80% Nb, 0.021% C, 0.20% Mn, 0.23% Si, 0.01% P, 0.003% S, 0.12% Al, 0.16% Ti, balance is Ni
Alloy group: Nickel-based alloys
Note: Schematic Time-Temperature-Transformation (TTT) diagram for solution annealed, wrought Alloy 625. Adapted from Floreen et al. [25].
In order to capture the effect of principally both Gamma' and Delta phase, but also carbide phases, ageing of the material was performed at temperatures between 600-800 C for durations of up to 3000 hours. Such conditions were selected on the basis of the TTT curve published for Alloy 625 by Floreen et al., an adapted (temperatures in degrees Celsius) version of which is shown in Figure. To ensure uniformity between samples, each was solution annealed prior to ageing through heating to 1150 C and holding for 30 minutes (based on 35 the curves of Floreen et al. and others, and due to its successful demonstration by Shankar et al. to dissolve all precipitates except some primary carbides) before being quenched into water. Similarly, following ageing, microstructural evolution was stopped through immediately quenching the sample into water. Through the analysis of successive ageing times both the effect of the growth and coarsening of Gamma'' precipitates and their ultimate 40 replacement by their thermodynaimcally stable counterpart phase Delta can be inferred. This latter phenomenon is widely known to adversely effect the strength of the alloy due to the elimination of the coherency between the matrix and precipitate phase.
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