LM105 Alloy

Alloy name: LM105
Diagram No.: 888
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: Zr52.5Ti5Al10Ni14Cu17.9
Alloy group: Metallic Glass
Note: The calculated TTT curves of a “perfect” amorphous and “imperfect” amorphous LM105 with different pre-existing nucleus densities.
How the pre-existing nucleus density affecting the crystallization process of a BMG is of ultimate interest. Taken LM105 alloy as an example, the calculated TTT curves with and without pre-existing nucleus density are plotted in Fig. The temperature dependent I and U obtained from Eq. (1) and (3), are shown in the inset of Fig. (3) (detailed discussion can be found in our previous reported work: Shen et al. In Fig., the dashed TTT curve is for the LM105 alloy without pre-existing nuclei, in another world an ideal perfect amorphous. As expected, it is a well-known C-shaped TTT curve. The nose temperature of the perfect amorphous LM105 alloy is 860 K, and the tnose-p is 0.78 s. It is seen in the inset of Fig. (3), at low temperatures (e.g., T < 600 K), both I and U are very low and, hence, it takes a long crystallization time to reach 1% of crystalline phase. As temperature increases, the nucleation rate, I, increases to its maximum at about 780 K, while the crystal growth rate, U, starts to increase significantly at about 800 K. As a result, the crystallization time decreases as the temperature increases. Although U increases significantly after 900 K, I decreases rapidly after 880 K, which results in the great increase of crystallization time thereafter.
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