Undoped Ceria Metal Oxide Thin Film

Alloy name: Undoped ceria metal oxide thin film
Diagram No.: 937
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: CeO(2-x)
Alloy group: Cerium
Note: TTT diagrams for the originally amorphous, undoped ceria metal oxide thin films and the 20 mol% gadolinia doped-solute solution. The plots display the thermokinetics of crystallization of the original amorphous thin fi lms indicated by the degree of crystallinity in percentage. The important key temperatures for their crystallization are the deposition temperature (Td), crystallization peak temperature (Tp) (determined by DSC from the exothermic heat loss and the crystallization end temperature (Te). For T<Tp mostly nucleation is ongoing and the crystallization rates are similar for both the undoped and doped thin films. However, for T>Tp the crystallization rate of the doped thin film is strongly suppressed and Te is shifted to higher temperatures (by roughly 200C).
These TTT diagrams can now be used to predict the crystallization degree of a thin film for pure isothermal or non-isothermal annealing, as well as their combination, and may give suitable guidance for the introduction of these thin films in MEMS, where isothermal heating steps are needed to restrict the overall process temperature below that where substrate damage occurs (e.g., oxidation of silicon around 800C).
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