Fluorine-free Mold Flux

Name: Fluorine-free Mold Flux
Diagram No.: 989
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: See the table
Group: Slags
Note: The crystallization behavior: (a) TTT diagram of F-containing mold flux; (b) TTT diagram of low fluoride mold flux.
The results indicated that the crystallization behavior of the low fluoride mold flux is very similar to the benchmark conventional F-containing mold flux, and a new crystalline phasecalcium borosilicate (Ca11Si4B2O22) together with cuspidine are precipitated in in low temperature region, which exhibits the most similar crystallization behavior to that of cuspidine, as shown in Fig. It can effectively increase the thickness of the solid crystalline layer of slag film to reduce the heat transfer and make the reduction of the longitudinal cracking occurs.
Subsequently, Wang et al. designed a group of CaO–SiO2–Na2O–B2O3 based F-free mold flux for casting MC steel based on a commercial F-bearing mold flux for casting MC steel, through replacing fluorides with B2O3 and adjusting basicity, Na2O, Li2O contents to compensate the negative effects of the mold flux properties caused by the absence of fluorides. The research on the performance of the F-free mold fluxes was studied and compared with the commercial F-bearing mold flux. The results suggested that the performances of the F-free mold flux with basicity of 1.15, B2O3 contents of 6%, Na2O contents of 8% and Li2O contents of 2% are most close to the F-bearing mold flux, the more components of the F-free mold flux and F-bearing mold flux.
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