Silver-cadmium (Ag-Cd)-Electric contact material

Material: Silver-cadmium (Ag-Cd)
Type: Micro
Method: Chemical etching
Etchant (Electrolyte): A: 20 g CrO3, 4.5 g NH4Cl, 18 ml HNO3 (conc.), 15 ml H2SO4 (conc.), water to make 0.5 liter (Waterbury reagent), B: 50 ml NH4OH, 10-30 ml H2O2 (30%), C: 20 ml HNO3 (conc.), 20 ml acetic acid (glacial), 20 ml glycerol.
Procedure: First etch in A: Dilute 2 to 1 with water at time of use. Swab at room temperature for 3-10 s. Then swab in B for 3-10 s and then swab in C for 3-10 s at 38-42 C (100-108 F).
Note: Electric contact material.
Source: Metallography, Structures and Phase Diagrams, Metals Handbook, 8th Edition, Vol. 8, ASM (American Society for Metals), Metals Park, Ohio 44079, USA, 1973, p. 118.

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