Ni-Ga alloys-Alloy with approx. 50 at.% Ga

Material: Ni-Ga alloys
Type: Micro
Method: Electro polishing
Etchant (electrolyte): 15 mls hydrochloric acid, 10 mls nitric acid, 10 mls acetic acid, pinch FeCl3. Diluted to give suitable polishing rate for specimen size (approx. 1:1). Specimen is anode connected to Stainless steel probe. Cathode: silver strip, voltage: 10 V, current: 2.5-3 A for 1/4 inch sq. size, time: 15-30 secs. Gives simultaneous light etch.
Procedure: Grind to 400 # silicon carbide.
Note: Alloy with approx. 50 at.% Ga.
Source: A.Seybold, et al., Acta Metallurgica, Vol.12, No.5, May 1964, p.449.

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