Cu-Al-Mn alloys-Alloys with 3-4% Cu, 0.5 Mn

Material: Cu-Al-Mn alloys
Type: Micro
Method: Chemical thinning, electro polishing
Etchant (electrolyte): Rough chemical thinning: 40% hydrochloric acid.
Procedure: Final electro polishing: modified Lenoir reagent: 722 mls 80% phosphoric acid, 137 mls 98% sulphuric acid, 158 g chromium trioxide, 134 mls water, PD: 9-10 V.
Note: Alloys with 3-4% Cu, 0.5 Mn.
Source: D.R.Robinson, et al., Met.Trans., Vol.3, No.5, May 1972, p.1147.

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