Pyromet 860 alloy-Fe-43Ni-12.6Cr-6Mo-4Co-3Ti-1.25Al (+B)

Material: Pyromet 860 alloy
Type: Micro
Method: Chemical etching
Etchant (electrolyte): Etch for optical microscopy: Glycergia: 15 mls hydrochloric acid, 5 mls nitric acid, 10 mls glycerine.
Procedure: Selective etchant for diffraction: 1.) 20% aq. phosphoric acid for gamma' phase. 2.) 10% hydrochloric acid in methanol for carbides. Etch for electron microscoy: 1.) Replicas from electrolytically etched samples in: 12 mls phosphoric acid, 47 mls sulphuric acid, 41 mls nitric acid. This etch does not attack gama'. 2.) For selective area electron diffraction, etch in glycergia, cover with carbon and reetch electrolytically in 10% HCl in methanol.
Note: Fe-43Ni-12.6Cr-6Mo-4Co-3Ti-1.25Al (+B).
Source: G.N.Maniar, et al., Trans.Met.Soc.A.I.M.E., Vol.245, No.4, April 1969.

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