Pb-Li alloys (Pb rich)-Chemical etching

Material: Pb-Li alloys (Pb rich)
Type: Micro
Method: Chemical etching
Etchant (electrolyte): 15 g citric acid, 9 g ammonium molybdate, 80 mls water.
Procedure: Allow solution to stand 2 hours before use.
Note: Mount in LMP plastic. Grind to 600 # silcon carbide with oil lubricant. Hand polish: 6 µm paste on nylon, 1 µm paste on nylon or 0.3 µm Al2O3 on microcloth. Final polish with vibro polisher and Gamal slurry.
Source: G.W.Mao, et al., Metallography, Vol.1, No.3/4, January 1969.

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