CdSe (0001)-Chemical cleaning

Material: CdSe (0001)
Type: Micro
Method: Chemical cleaning
Etchant (electrolyte): 1) 3 parts HCl, 1 part HNO3. 2.) 6 parts CrO3, 10 parts HCl.
Procedure: Temperature: RT.
Note: CdSe (0001) and other orientations. This is treatment #2, as a combination of treatments #3, then #2. Dip in Aqua regia; Sx" solution rinse: water rinse; repeat Aqua regia - follow with chrome regia dip; Sx" rinse; water rinse, and repeal chrome regia.
Source: Fred Hargreaves (Ret.), Personal Etchants Database 1960-1990, Analytical Services Bookham Technology, Caswell, Towcester, Northamptonshire NN8EQ, UK.

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