CdSe (1010) cleaved wafers-Light, reactive

Material: CdSe (1010) cleaved wafers
Type: Micro
Method: Light, reactive
Etchant (electrolyte): x...Xe. Note: The volume/quantity was not shown in the referenced article and is therefore designated as an "x".
Procedure: No data.
Note: CdSe (1010) cleaved wafers used in a study of insulated gate FETs and IGFETs with evaporated aluminum. Studied contact potential difference (CPD) and time resolved charge injection (TRCI) at the aluminum interface. wafers were cleaved in an ultra high vacuum (UHV) at 2 x exp 10 (-10) Torr. CdS wafers similarly studied. Flooding surfaces with high intensity xenon light shows potential and injection effects in Al, CdSe and CdS.
Source: Fred Hargreaves (Ret.), Personal Etchants Database 1960-1990, Analytical Services Bookham Technology, Caswell, Towcester, Northamptonshire NN8EQ, UK.

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