CdS (0001) wafers-Chemical cleaning

Material: CdS (0001) wafers
Type: Micro
Method: Chemical cleaning
Etchant (electrolyte): x...HCl, x...H2O. Note: The volume/quantity was not shown in the referenced article and is therefore designated as an "x".
Procedure: Temperature: RT.
Note: CdS (0001) wafers used to fabricate photojunctions by diffusing copper into insulating CdS. Wafer surfaces were rinsed in the solution shown and then in DI water prior to copper diffusion. Rockemuehl, R R et al. - J Appl Phys. 32,1324(1961).
CdS (111) wafers. Solution used as 30 HCl:70 H2O as a chem/mech polish for both the (lll)Cd and (111)S surfaces using rotation on a pellon type cloth.
Source: See the above text.

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