Cu (111) wafers-Gas cleaning

Material: Cu (111) wafers
Type: Micro
Method: Gas cleaning
Etchant (electrolyte): x...Ar+ ions. Note: The volume/quantity was not shown in the referenced article and is therefore designated as an "x".
Procedure: No data.
Note: Cu (111) wafers used as substrates for thin film deposition of copper by condensation of metallic vapor which can produce twinning. substrates were Ar + ion bombardment cleaned prior to copper deposition. Epitaxy growth of copper evaporated at an angle as a function showed that the greater the angle, the greater the increase of twinning observed. (Note: Growth of silica at an angle will produce a columnar growth structure rather than normal amorphous thin films.). Lafourcado, L et al. - C R Acad Sci (Paris), 249,230(1959).
Cu single crystal specimens. Cathode positive sputtering as ion bombardment used in a study of surface micro-relief and erosion. Etch pits observed in Cu and Zn and slip traces on deformed Zn.
Source: See the above text.

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