PdAg alloy-Chemical etching

Material: PdAg alloy
Type: Micro
Method: Chemical etching
Etchant (electrolyte): 3 parts HCl, 1 part HNO3 (Agua regia).
Procedure: Temperature: RT to warm.
Note: PdAg alloy used in a pure metallic paste form as an electrical pad contact for microelectronic circuits. It can be screen printed on alumina substrates and fired to about 1000C. Also as an epoxy type paste with oven curing between 100-125C. PdAg is being used as a replacement for gold pastes to reduce cost.
Source: Perrin Walker, William H Tarn: Handbook of Metal Etchants, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, 1990, p.899.

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