Demo record - Ti-Nb diffusion couple - Electrolytic etching

Material Name: Ti-Nb diffusion couple
Primary Chemical Element: Ti
Sample: Bulk
Uses: General microstructure
Etchant Name: None
Type (Macro/Micro): Micro
Etching Method: Electrolytic
Etchant (Electrolyte) Composition: 60 ml ethanol, 35 ml distilled water, 20 ml glycerin, 10 ml lactic acid, 5 ml H3PO4, 2 g citric acid.
Procedure (Condition): Use at 90 V dc, peak current of 25 mA/cm2. Time from closing circuit until current dropped to near zero was about 3 s. Produced vivid colors.
Comments:  Picklesimer's modification of Ence and Margolin's anodizing solution used by Grosso and Nagel for Ti-Nb diffusion couple.
Reference: Vander Voort, Metallography Principles and Practice, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1986, p. 696.

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