Metallographic Books and Journals

Gunter Petzow, Metallographic Etching, ASM, ISBN:0-87170-633-4, 2nd Edition, 1999.

Gunther Petzow, Metallographic Etching, ASM, ISBN:0-87170-002-6, 1st Edition, 1976.

Vander Voort, Metallography Principles and Practice, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1984.

Perrin Walker, William H Tarn, Handbook of Metal Etchants, CRC Press, ISBN: 0849336236, 1990.

Surface Preparation and Microscopy of Materials by Brian Bousfield, 1992 John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Baffins Lane Chichester West Sussex PO19 1UD, England.

Hardness Testing edited by Howard E. Boyer, 1987 ASM International Materials Park, OH, 44073

ASM Handbook Volume 9: Metallography and Microstructures, 1985 ASM International Materials Park, OH, 44073.

ASM Handbook Volume 10: Materials Characterization, 1985 ASM International Materials Park, OH, 44073.

Light Microscopy of Carbon Steels (new and update edition of Optical Microscopy of Carbon Steels) by Leonard E. Samuels, 1998 ASM International Materials Park, OH, 44073.

The Quantitative Description of Microstructure of Materials by Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski and Brian Ralph, 1995 CRC Press Inc. 2000 Corporate Blvd., N.W. Boca Raton, Florida, 33431.

Quantitative Image Analysis of Microstructures edited by Habns Eckart Exner and Hans Paul Hougardy 1998 DGM Metallurgy, Information Adenauerallee 21, D-6370 Oberursel 1 Germany.

Video Microscopy: The Fundamentals (second edition) by Shinya Inoue and Kenneth Spring, 1997 Plenum Publishing Corp., 233 Spring Street, NY, NY 10013.

Metallographic Atlas of Powder Metallurgy by W.J. Huppman and K. Dalal, 1996 Verlag Schmid, order from Powder Metallurgy Publications c/o Metal Powder Industries Federation 105 College Road East, Princeton, NJ 18540.

Polymer Microscopy by Linda C. Sawyer and David T. Grubb, 1987 Chapman and Hall Ltd 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE.

Understanding How Components Fail by Donal J. Wulpi, 1985 ASM International Materials Park, OH, 44073.

Metallurgical Failure Analysis by C. Brooks and A. Choudhury, 1993 McGraw Hill Co. 1221 Avenue of Americas, NY, NY 10020.

ASM Handbook Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention, 1986 ASM International Materials Park, OH, 44073.

ASM Handbook Volume 12: Fractography, 1987 ASM International Materials Park, OH, 44073.

Metallographic Polishing by Mechanical Methods by Leonard E. Samuels, 1982 America Society for Metals (ASM International) Metals (Materials) Park, OH, 44073.

A History of Metallography by Cyril Stanley Smith, 1960 The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL.

Praktische Metallographie/Practical Metallography
(Bilingual German-English/monthly)
Carl Hanser Verlag

American Elsevier Publishing Comp. Inc.,

Metallographische Arbeitsblatter
Metallographische Werkstoffprüfung der KTD, 3011 Marburg. Masenstr. 20., Germany.

(English-German, 2-3 times a year)
Struers A/S, Valhojs Alle 176, DK-2610 Rodovre, Denmark.

Advanced Materials and Processes
ASM, Materials Park, Ohio 44073, USA.

Zeitschrift fur Metallkunde
Carl Hanser Verlag, Kolbergstrasse 22, 8000 München 80, Germany.

Archiv fur das Eisenhuttenwesen
Verlag Stahleisen, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Metall-Verlag GmbH., Berlin-Grunewald, Hubertusallee 18, Germany.

Metals and Materials
Institute of Metals l, Carlton House Terrace, London S. W. 1., UK.

Zeitschrift für Werkstoff-Technik
(German/every 6 weeks)
Verlag Chemie GmbH. 694 Weinheim/Bergstr. Pappelallee 3., Germany.

Materials Science and Engineering
Elsevier Sequoia S.A. P.O. Box 851, 1001 Lausanne 1, Swiss.

Materials Characterization
Elsevier-Science Publishing Co., Inc., USA.

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