Comet Tails

Comet tails
Example: Comet tails, Mag. 200x, DIC.

Comet tails accur adjacent to inclusion or pores, when the motion between sample and polishing disc is undirectional. Their charcteristic shape earns the name "comet tails". A key factor in avoiding comet tails is the polishing dynamics. There are many variables in the metalographic polishing process. The most commonly recognized are items such as cloth and abrasives. While these gave a great effect on the polishing process, other critical parameters are often neglected. These parameters are the polishing dynamicss. The dynamics or speed of the sspecimen in relation to the cloth plays an important role in the final otcome of the polishing process. Artifacts such as commt tails, pull-outs, and edge rounding can be attributed to an imbalance in the dynamics.

Reference: Metalog Guide, page 86-87, Struers A/S, 2610 Rodovre, Dennmark. Note: Image and text by courtesy of Struers A/S company.

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