Deformation Lines
Example: Sharp deformation lines on sample, Mag. 200x, DIC.

There are two types of deformation, elastic and plastic. Elastic deformation dissappears when the applied load is removed. Plastic deformation may also be refered to as cold work. It can result in subsurface defects after grinding, lapping or polishing. Remaining plastic deformation can first be seen after polishing. Only deformation introduced during the preparation is covered here. All others types from previous oprations like bending, drawing and stretching is not considered, bacause it can not be changed or improved by changing the preparation method. Deformations are artifacts which first show up after etching (chemical, physical or also optical etching).

Reference: Metalog Guide, page 68-69, Struers A/S, 2610 Rodovre, Dennmark. Note: Image and text by courtesy of Struers A/S company.

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