Etchants for Mn and Alloys

Al-Cu-Mg-Mn alloys-3-4% Cu, 0.5-1% Mg, 0.5% Mn
Al-Mn alloy-Al-1 wt.% Mn
Al-Mn alloy-Alloy with 1-4% Mn
Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys-7075 alloy: 5-3% Zn, 2-7% Mg, 1.6 Cu + Fe, S, Cr, Ti, Mn
Ce-Mn alloys-Alloys with 0-20 at.% Mn
Cu-Al-Mn alloys-Alloys with 3-4% Cu, 0.5 Mn
Cu-Mn alloys-Alloys with < 50 at.% Mn
Cu-Zn-Mn alloys-44-48% Zn, 1-4% Mn
Fe-Mn alloys-Alloys with 5-20% Mn
Fe-Mn alloys-Chemical etching
Fe-Mn alloys-Fe-1 at.% Mn
Fe-Mn alloys-Fe-12% Mn
Fe-Mn-Zn pressed powder blanks-Chemical cleaning
Fe-Ni-Mn alloy-Fe-19-24% Ni-3-5% Mn
Fe-Ni-Mn alloys-Fe-6-8% Ni- 2-4% Mn
Hadfield Mn steel-Fe-1.13C-11
Low Mn steel-Fe-0.6/1.5C-1.1Mn
Manganese-Electro polishing
Manganese-Mn-Fe, Mn-Ni, Mn-Cu, Mn-Co alloys
Manganese-Mn-Ge, Mn-Si, Mn-Sn-Ge, Mn-Sn-Si alloys
Manganese-Mn-Si-Ca alloys. Ferromanganese
Manganese-Pure Mn. Low alloy Mn containing Ni, Co, Fe, Ge, and Cu
Manganese-Pure Mn. Low alloy Mn containing Ni, Co, Fe, Ge, and Cu
Mn dual phase steel-0.07C-1.26Mn-0.30Si-0.08V-0.08Mo-0.07Cr
Mn dual phase steel-0.11C-1.47Mn-0.34Si-0.05Nb
Mn steel-Fe-0.16C-13Mn-0.24Si-0.22Cu-0.48Cr-0.03/0.13Nb
Mn steel-Fe-0.6/2.1C-0/0.5Mn
Mn steels-14% Mn steel (Hadfield steel)
Mn thin film deposits on ruthenium substrates-Chemical cleaning
Mn thin films-Chemical polishing/etching
Mn, Mn-Cu alloys-Electrolytic polishing
Mn-C alloys-Chemical etching
Mn-Cu alloys
Mn-Fe, Mn-Ni, Mn-Cu and Mn-Co alloys
Mn-Ge system-Chemical etching
Mn-Ge, Mn-Si, Mn-Sn-Ge and Mn-Sn-Si alloys
Mn-Sb alloy-Mn2Sb
Mn-Sb-V alloy-Mn1.8V0.2Sb
Mn-Se system (MnSe)-Chemical etching
Mn-Se-S system-MnSe-MnS solid solution. To remove disurbed layers
Mn-Se-Te system-MnSe-MnTe section
Mn-Si alloys-Alloys with 2-24 at.% Si
Mn-Sn system-Mn rich alloys
Mn-Sn system-Quoted for non-stoichometric Mn-Sn alloys
Mn-Te system (MnTe)-Chemical etching
Mn-Ti alloys (0-30% at.% Ti)
Mn-Ti-Co system-Chemical etching
Mn-Ti-Co system-Chemical etching
Mn-Ti-Fe system-Chemical etching
Mn-Ti-Fe system-Fe-19-27% Mn - up to 1.45% Ti
Mn-Ti-Fe system-FeTi-0.25-1% Mn section
Mn-V alloys-Chemical etching
Ni-Mn steel-0.3% C-28% Ni-0.5% Mn
Ti-Mn alloy-Ti-8.6 at.% Mn
Tool steels-Color etching. For Mn, Mn-C, Mn-Cr steels
Zr-Mn alloys-Alloys with 0.5-2.0 at. % Mn

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