Etchants for Th and Alloys

(Th,U)C with a U/Th ratio of less than 3ThC2-Chemical etching
Be-Th alloys-For alloys with up to 10% Th
Ceramics, carbides (Th)-(Th, U)C (toxic) with U/Th ratio. ThC2 (toxic)
Cermets (Zr, Th, W, U)-ZrO2-W, ThO2-W (toxic), W2C-W, UC-Cr (toxic), UC-Fe (toxic), UC-Ni (toxic), UC-UFe2 (toxic)
La, U and Th used as pressed powders-Pressure
Mg-Th-Zr alloy-Alloy with 3.9% Th and 0.4% Zr
Oxide ceramics (U, Th, Pu)-UO2 (toxic), ThxUyO2 (toxic), PuO2, cast (toxic), PuO2 (gamma, sintered)-toxic
Oxide ceramics-MgO, ThO2 (toxic), Al2NiO4, PuO3 (gamma, sintered)-toxic, Y2O3-ZrO2 and Sm2O3-ZrO2 mixtures
Pure Th and Th alloys-Chemical etching
Pure U, pure Th-Electrolytic etching
Th specimen-Chemical polishing
Th specimens-Chemical cleaning
Th specimens-Chemical etching
Th specimens-Electrolytic polishing/etching
Th-C alloys-Chemical and electrolytical etching
Th-Cu alloys-Electro polishing, air etching
Th-Ge alloys-Chemical etching
Th-Mo alloys-Sample preparation
Thorium dicarbide (ThC2)-uranium dicarbide (UC2)-Electrolytic polishing
Thorium specimens-Electro polishing
Thorium specimens-Electro polishing
Thorium specimens-Electro polishing
Thorium specimens-Electrolytic and chemical etching
Thorium specimens-Electrolytic etching
Thorium specimens-Electrolytic polishing
Thorium specimens-Electrolytic polishing
Thorium specimens-Electropolishing
Thorium specimens-Physical etching
Thorium specimens-Th and Th alloys
Th-Pd alloys (Approx. Th3Pd4)-Chemical etching
Th-Zr alloys-Physical ething
Uranium specimens-Pure U and Th
Worner and Worner's etchant

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