1.1730 Steel

Steel name: 1.1730
Steel names of producers:
C45U DIN EN ISO 4957:2001-02 Germany
K945 Bohler Uddeholm Austria
Buderus Germany
C45W Dirostahl Germany
ExtraNr.45 Dorrenberg Germany
THYRODUR1730 Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld Germany
ULW65 Eschmann-Stahl Germany
SH6 Grimm Edelstahl Germany
Extra50 Hagener Gussstahlwerke Remy Germany
Hover&Sohn Germany
Primaweich Kind & Co. Germany
SM4F Lohmann Germany
WO3 Ossenberg Germany
PGS4 Platestahl Germany
1.1730 Saarstahl Germany
W345 Schmidt+Clemens Germany
TES1730 Thyssen Edelstahl Service GmbH Germany
THYRODUR1730 Thyssen Edelstahl Service GmbH Germany
UWS65 WSM Werkzeugstahl Germany
C45W Zapp Germany
K45 Zapp Germany
C 45 W DIN 17350:1980-10 Germany
C45U DIN 17350:1980-10 Germany
C 45 W Stahl Eisen List: 2000 Germany
W65 Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (Witten-Krefeld) Germany
1.1730 Hoverstahl Germany
C45W3 Klockner Stahl Bremen Germany
Krupp Germany
T4 Röchling Germany
K945 VEW Germany
Diagram No.: 4185
Type of diagram: TTT
Mat. No. (Wr. Nr.) designation: 1.1730
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.42-0.50% C, 0.15-0.40% Si, 0.60-0.80% Mn, max. 0.030% P, max. 0.030% S.
Note: Tool steel, unalloyed. Austenitizing temperature: 850oC.
Reference: Not shown in this demonstration version.

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