0.04C-0.2Si-2.94Mn Steel II

Steel name: 0.04C-0.2Si-2.94Mn
Diagram No.: 4934
Type of diagram: CCT
Chemical composition in weight %: See the table.
Steel group: Low carbon steels
Note: Austenitizing temperature: 800 C. Change of CCT diagrams of steel 1 with the deformation in unrecrystallized gamma region.
Links: No. 4933, No. 4934 and No. 4935.
Reference: Sadahiro YAMAMOTO, et al., Effects of the Austenite Grain Size and Deformation in the uncrystallized Austenite Region on Bainite Transformation Behavior and Microstructure, ISIJ International, Vol. 35 (1 995), No. 8, pp. 1020-1026.

Transformation Diagram

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