0.28C-1.41Mn-0.29Si-0.26Cr-0.22Mo Steel

Steel name: 0.28C-1.41Mn-0.29Si-0.26Cr-0.22Mo
Diagram No.: 4939
Type of diagram: CCT
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.28% C, 1.41% Mn, 0.29% Si, 0.008% P, 0.004% S, 0.26% Cr, 0.11% Ni, 0.22% Mo, 0.20% Cu, 0.027% Nb, 0.028% Ti, 0.019% V, 0.003% B and 0.025% Al
Steel group: High stregth steels
Note: Austenitizing temperature: 885 C/600 sec. The CCT-diagram of supercooled austenite of investigated steel and selected microstructures of samples cooled from the temperature of 885C at the rate ranging from 234C/s to 1C/s are shown in figure. Conducted experiment revealed that studied steel obtained the values of Ac3 = 843C, Ac1 = 707C and considerably low Ms temperature, equal 370C. Cooling the samples at a wide range of cooling rates, i.e. from 234 to 50C/s assures obtaining martensitic microstructure.
Reference: Opiela M., Zalecki W., Grajcar A., CONTINUOUS COOLING DIAGRAM OF NEW-DEVELOPED HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL MICROALLOYED WITH Nb, Ti, V AND B, STUME Scientific-technical union of mechanical engineering, 2012, pp. 64-67.

Transformation Diagram

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