0.010C-0.011N-0.11Ti Steel

Steel name: 0.010C-0.011N-0.11Ti
Diagram No.: 5102
Type of diagram: TTP
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.010 % C, 0.011 % N, 0.11 % Ti
Steel group: Unalloyed steels
Note: Precipitation diagram of a steel with 0.010 % C, 0.011 % N, 0.11 % Ti after solution treatment 1250 C 30 min/W, obtained from extraction replicas. Coherent precipitates observed in thin foils of certain specimens are shown in square braquets.
At carbon contents below 0.03 % the niobium, titanium or vanadium content is often greater than that corresponding to the stoichiometric composition MX. Under these conditions, the hexagonal phase M2X may subsequently form Fig. M2X-phases often show hexagonal or orthorhombic superlattices. M2X may nucleate homogeneously in the ferrite or epitactically on MX-particles. The M2X-precipitates formed in ferrite usually have the form of thin platelets.
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