60WCrV8 Steel

Steel name: 60WCrV8
Diagram No.: 519
DIN designation: 60WCrV8
Mat.No. (Wr.Nr.) designation: 1.2550
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.60% C, 1.00% Cr, 2.00% W, 0.15% V
Steel group: Cold work tool steels
Applications: Cold shear knives, paper and wood cutting knives, cutting tools for plates up to 10 mm, ejector pins, air hammers
Comment: No data
Reference: Not shown in this demo version.

Heat Treatment
Hardening: 860 - 900oC/oil, hot bath
Tempering: See the diagram
Note: Diagram: specimen size: dia 30 x 40 mm, quenched from 890oC/oil

Tempering Diagram

Price: 20.00 US $
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