15CrMoV6 Steel

Material designation: 15CrMoV6
Diagram No.: 143
EN designation: 15CrMoV6
AIR designation: 15 CDV 6
WL designation: 1.7734
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.15% C, 1.25% Cr, 0.90% Mo, 0.25% V
Steel group: Steel for special applications
Applications: Welded assemblies requiring high mechanical properties
Comment: No data
Source: Not shown in this demo version.

Heat Treatment
Hardening: 975oC/oil, air
Tempering: See the diagram
Note: Diagram: Heated to 975oC, oil quenched, heat treatment on rough machine blanks

Diagram Tempering Temperature - Mechanical Properties

Price: 40.00 US $
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