Doped and Un-Doped Mould Flux

Name: Doped and Un-Doped Mould Flux
Diagram No.: 1124
Type of diagram: CCT
Chemical composition in weight %: See the table
Group: Slags
Note: CCT diagram of doped and un-doped mould flux
Experiments were carried out on powder lab sample, name un-doped. Another sample, named doped, was obtained by mechanical mixing home designed rotating shaker of specific amounts of MnO (Aldrich Chem. Co., 99,99+ %) with parent undoped material. Characteristics of these samples are reported in Table 1.
In order to study dependence of onset points on cooling rate, crystallization behavior of samples were analyzed by DTA within temperature interval from 1673 K to 573 K at different cooling rates: 7 K/min, 13 K/min. and 20 K/min. Experimental results showed a significant variation of crystallization temperatures measured at higher cooling rates, in comparison with those measured at lower cooling rates. Reported data confirm that onset of crystallization is a function of cooling rate. In particular, more important deviation has been evidenced for doped samples. Itís possible to understand in a better way these conclusions by analyzing the data obtained by DTA at different cooling rates in terms of Continuous Cooling Transformation diagram as reported in Figure 1.
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