CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-Na2O-CaF2 Slag

Name: CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-Na2O-CaF2
Diagram No.: 1154
Type of diagram: CCT
Chemical composition in weight %: See the tables
Group: Slags
Note: Predicted Steel Shell Temperature together with CCT Curve for Sample E3.
The TTT curve predicts the onset of crystallization for the experimental mold slag E3 at 9s and 1155C, while for sample STSP 816, no crystallization is expected. Slag samples of both slags were run through the calculated temperature profile for the hot face. For sample E3, crystals appeared in the sample at 9s, and at a distance of 0.2 mm from the thermocouple mimicking the hot face. Although, the TTT diagram in this case correctly predicted the time for the crystallization, the crystals should precipitate at the thermocouple and not 0.2 mm away. In Figure , the steel shell surface temperature is plotted with the CCT curve. In Figure, the cooling path of the steel shell does not intersect with the CCT curve and no crystallization is expected to occur at the thermocouple, which was observed. For sample STSP 816, no crystallization occurred as expected. The sample remains an undercooled liquid during the complete run. This is in good agreement with the result from the continuous cooling experiments with STSP 816. The results indicate that the TTT and CCT curves are powerful tools for comparing the crystallization behavior of different slags. However, it requires knowledge of the mold conditions and especially the temperature profile of the steel shell surface. Therefore, it cannot be concluded whether the TTT or the CCT curves give the most realistic picture of the crystallization behavior. It all depends on the specific thermal conditions the slag suffers in the caster.
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