7039 Alloy

Alloy name: 7039
Diagram No.: 608
Type of diagram: TTP
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.13% Si, 0.20% Fe, 0.05% Cu, 0.24% Mn, 2.87% Mg, 0.19% Cr, 4.25% Zn, 0.02% Ti, 0.01% Zr, 0.24% Ni, balance is Al
Alloy group: Aluminium-based alloys
Note: Calculated diagram (JMatPro). In a TTP (Time Temperature Property) diagram each curve is an iso-property curve, meaning that each point on a single curve is characterized by a strength that is a fixed percentage of the maximum attainable strength of the considered alloy. This percentage is expressed as a function of the time spent at a specific temperature during the quenching stage. In other words the coordinates of each point indicate quenching holding time and holding temperature that lead to the expressed properties. Indeed, as mentioned above, holding a component in a certain temperature range may induce the formation of quench induced precipitates and therefore affects the mechanical properties.
From TTP curves two important quenching parameters can be introduced: the critical temperature range and the transformation time at nose temperature. The former is identified by each curve, given a fixed transformation time, while the latter is the maximum time that can be spent at the nose temperature to get at least 99.5% of the highest properties.
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