Pb-0.1% Ca Alloy

Alloy name: Pb-0.1% Ca
Diagram No.: 776
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.1% Ca, balance is Pb
Alloy group: Lead-based alloys
Note: TTT diagram for the alloy Pb-0.1wt% Ca. Samples were cast, then cooled in liquid state at a minimum of 40 C/s to -196 C. Curves are obtained by resistivity and hardness measurements performed in a subsequent in situ heat treatments carried out in the temperature range -20 to 180 C. The solid lines through the data points are curve fits.
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Reference: F. Rossi, et al., Determination of new time–temperature-transformation diagrams for lead–calcium alloys, Journal of Power Sources 185 (2008), pp. 1465–1470.

Transformation Diagram

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Chemical composition of the used alloys

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