FeCo-2%V Alloy

Alloy name: FeCo-2%V
Diagram No.: 860
Type of diagram: TTP
Chemical composition in weight %: FeCo-2%V
Alloy group: Iron-based alloys
Note: TTP diagram for intragranular Gamma(2) formation in FeCo-2%V, after Ashby et al. [10].
Reference: T. Sourmail, Near equiatomic FeCo alloys: constitution, mechanical and magnetic properties, Website http://www.thomas-sourmail.net/papers_html/FeCo_review/index.html, 2005, 1-74.
Reference [10]: J. A. Ashby, H. M. Flower, and R. D. Rawlings. Gamma phase in an Fe-Co-2%V alloy. Metal Sci, 11:91-96, 1977.

Transformation Diagram

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