41.5% SiO2 - 33.9% CaO - 24.6% Al2O3

Name: 41.5% SiO2 - 33.9% CaO - 24.6% Al2O3
Diagram No.: 965
Type of diagram: TTT
Chemical composition in weight %: 41.5% SiO2, 33.9% CaO, 24.6% Al2O3
Group: Slags
Note: Effects of Na20 on TTT curve obtained by present study and Gaye et al.
Figure shows a TTT diagram for lime-alumina-silica slags containing sodium oxide. The beginning of crystallization was determined by the direct observation using DHTT or SHTT. To develop the TTT diagram, X-ray diffractions were carried out to determine the crystalline phase after quenching the sample to room temperature. The TTT curves for these simulated mold slags containing 5% Na20 and 7% Na20 (the composition of mother slag is 7% A1203, CaO/Si02= 1.0), were obtained by the DHTT and are compared with the data from Gayeet al.) on a lime silica alumina slag where the TTT was determined by an isothermal hold and quench technique. The data for TTT curves on 5% Na20 and 7% Na20 had relatively large scattering, then the empirical formulae were used to expressed the data. The details of the data and formulae will be published also. Although the composition of slag in CaO-Si02-Al203 system was different from the present study, the results indicate that additions of sodium oxide cause a major alteration to the TTT curve. The temperature of the nose decreased with the content of sodium oxide and the incubation time of crystallization decreased with the sodium oxide content. Thus the critical cooling rate to stabilize the glassy phase increased with increasing sodium oxide content.
Reference: Yoshiaki KASHIWAYA, et al., Development of Double and Single Hot Thermocouple Technique for in Situ Observation and Measurementof Mold Slag Crystallization, ISIJ International. Vol. 38 (1 998). No. 4, pp. 348-356.

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