Nickel Alloy II

Steel: Nickel Alloy II - Electrolytic extraction of carbides
Chemical composition in weight %:  Ni alloy.
Electrolyte: 10 % HCl in ethanol (EOH).
Anode: Sample.
Cathode: Grid from the Pt.
Reference electrode: Calomel.
Experimental conditions: U=1210 mV, I6.05=700 mA, I12.40=400 mA.
Time: 6.35 hours.
Results: Sample weight before dissolution: 34.4971 g, sample weight after dissolution: 32.6543 g, difference: 1.8428 g, weight of extraction residues: 0.008 g.
Phases in steel: In alloy is 0.4% of carbides.
Note:  XRD sample preparation, electrolytic phase extraction. Sample is annealed on 1220 C.
Reference: Not shown in this demo version.

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