Cementite in 9310 alloy steel

Figure 1: Microstructure of 9310 alloy steel after the McQuaid-Ehn test using alkaline sodium picrate (90 C - 45 s) to darken the cementite precipitated in the prior-austenite grain boundaries. Scale bar: 100 µm.

Carbide name: Cementite
Record No.: 544
Carbide formula: Fe3C
Carbide type: M3C
Carbide composition in weight %: No data
Image type: LM
Steel name: 9310
Mat.No. (Wr.Nr.) designation: No data
DIN designation: No data
AISI/SAE/ASTM designation: 9310
Other designation: AMS 6260G
Steel group: Alloy steels
Steel composition in weight %: 0.08-0.13% C, 0.45-0.65% Mn, 0.15-0.30% Si, 0.025 (max)% P, 0.025 (max)% S, 1.00-1.40% Cr, 3.00-3.50% Ni, 0.08-0.15% Mo.
Heat treatment/condition: No data
Note: No data
Links: No data
Reference: Not shown in this demo version.

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