Chemical formula: CaO x MnO x 2SiO2
Modifications: No data
Melting point: No data
Density: 3.32-3.43, Average=3.37 g/cm3
Microhardnes: No data
Hardness (Moh's): 5.5-6.5
Luminescence: Fluorescent, long UV=pink red
Crystal system: Triclinic
Cell dimensions: a=7.16 A, b=7.64 A, c=6.87 A
PDF number: 00-003-0693
ICSD number: 034164
Note: Bustamite is an intermediary mineral between the Rhodonite and Wollastonite series. It is often regarded as a calcium-rich variety of Rhodonite, but scientifically it is classified as an individual mineral, not a variety. It is very similar in habit to Rhodonite, and often forms in the same localities. However, its color is usually less intense red than that of Rhodonite, most often having a light pastel pink or brownish-red color. Bustamite was named in honor of Mexican general Anastasio Bustamente (1780-1853).

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