Chemical formula: 2FeO x SiO2
Melting point: 1205oC
Density: 4.32 g/cm3
Microhardnes: No data
Hardness (Moh's): 6.5
Luminescence: Non-fluorescent
Colour in air, bright field reflection: No data
Colour, polarized reflection: Shines red
Shape: No data
Crystal system: Orthorombic
Cell dimensions: a=4.76 A, b=10.2 A, c=5.98 A
PDF number: 00-002-0784
ICSD number: 026375
Note: Fayalite is usually only found in steel free from MnO and its appearance in inclusions from these steels is very similar to that of tephroite. It forms a characteristically banded structure in mcorsections. Also furnce slags from, for example Lancashire iron frequently contain fayalite with a a similar characteristic crystallization pattern (Kiessling and Lange, 1964).

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