Chemical formula: MnO
Melting point: 1850oC
Density: 5.365 g/cm3
Microhardnes: 400 kp/mm2
Hardness (Moh's): 5-6
Luminescence: Non-fluorescent
Colour in air, bright field reflection: Whitish-grey
Colour, polarized reflection: No data
Shape: In nuggets
Crystal system: Cubic
Cell dimensions: a=4.41 A
PDF number: 01-071-4748
ICSD number: 009864
Note: No examples of pure manganosite phase was found in any inclusions in steek samples examined altrough the phase has been reported to exist in inclusions. Most of the FexMn1-xO inclusions, which were observed during investigartion, were situated in vicinity of cracks. They were therefore probably formed as a result of oxidation of the steel surface during the heat treatment of the steel.

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