Chemical formula: CaO x 4MnO x 5SiO2
Modifications: Rhodonite exists in two modifications alpha and beta33.The low temperature modifications beta is the phase usually called rhodonite.
Melting point: 1291oC
Density: 3.72 g/cm3
Microhardnes: 750 kp/mm2
Hardness (Moh's): 6
Luminescence: Rhodonite and other manganese silicate show a dark-red fluorescence in EPMA.
Colour in air, bright field reflection: More or less glassy
Colour, polarized reflection: Irregularly iridscent
Shape: Kidney shape in gas bubbles
Crystallography: Triclinic
PDF number: 00-005-0614
ICSD number: 200452
Note: Rhodonite is a common phase in steel inclusions. Single phase rhodonite inclusions, sometimes partly galssy, are often found as round droplets.

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