Ternary oxide phases

Chemical formula: CAS2: CaO x Al2O3 x 2SiO2: Alpha-CAS2, beta-CAS2, gamma-CAS2 (high anorthite) and delta-CAS2 (low-anorthite)
C3A2S5: 2CaO x 2Al2O3 x 5SiO2 (Ca-cordierite)
C3AS3: 3CaO x Al2O3 x 3SiO2 (grossularite)
Melting point: CAS2: 1550, C2AS: 1590oC
Density: Delta-CAS2: 2.77, C2AS: 3.04, C3AS3: 3.45 g/cm3
Microhardnes: No data
Hardness (Moh's): No data
Luminescence: No data
Crystal system: No data
Cell dimensions: No data
PDF number: No data
ICSD number: No data
Note: The ternary phases in the C-A-S system are often glassy and only crystallize with difficulty. They are therefore usually in oxide inclusions in steel ingots, which have been cooled past the crirical crystallization temperature range to rapidly for crystallization to occur. Calcium inclusions with a glassy matrix corresponding to one of the ternary phases in the C-A-S system are relatively common in different steel tpes with partial substitution of MnO, FeO or MgO for CaO and Cr2O3 for Al2O3.

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