0.5C-0.77Mn-1.90Al-V-Cr Steel

Steel name: 0.5C-0.77Mn-1.90Al-V-Cr
Diagram No.: 4926
Type of diagram: CCT
Chemical composition in weight %: See the table.
Steel group: Abrasion resistant steels
Note: Austenitizing temperature: 1100 C. In the Gleeble, the specimens were heated to 1100C at 20C/s, held at temperature for 4 min and then cooled at 2C/s. When no deformation was applied, cooling was stopped at 1000C where the specimens were held for 2 min. In the case of deformed austenite, cooling was stopped at 850C for 10 s for compressive deformation.
Links: No. 4922, No. 4923, No. 4924, No. 4925 and No. 4926.
Reference: Esko Kinnunen, et al., Development of a New Direct Quenched Abrasion Resistant Steel, International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering 2013, 2(1): 27-34.

Transformation Diagram

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