14MoV6-3 Steel

Steel name: 14MoV6-3
Diagram No.: 5115
Type of diagram: CCT
DIN designation: 14MoV6-3
Mat. No. (Wr. Nr.) designation: 1.7715
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.10-0.18% C, 0.10-0.35% Si, 0.40-0.70% Si, max. 0.030% P, max. 0.035% S, 0.30-0.60% Cr, 0.50-0.70% Mo, 0.22-0.32% V
Steel group: Power station steels
Note: Pre-eutectoid ferrite forms already at relatively rapid rates of cooling from the austenitizing temperature. The transformation and precipitation behaviour is determined principally by the vanadium content. MX (VC) is precipitated already in the austenite before the start of the transformation and in greater amounts in the pre-eutectoid ferrite. The ferrite transformation is followed by a eutectoid reaction, in which very fine MX borders are formed. The orientation relationship between the MX threads and the ferrite is the same as that found for coherent MX precipitates. Unlike 10CrMo9-10, for example, the steel 14MoV6-3 does not contain enough special carbides to suppress the pearlite reaction. After completion of the transformation in the ferrite-pearlite stage, M2X is precipitated at very low cooling rates. As in the case of 13CrMo4-4, nucleation on MX precipitates is often observed.
The steel 14 MoV 6 3 is normally used after the following heat treatment: 950 to 980 C 15 to 30 min/air + 690 to 720 C 2 to 3 h/air.
The microstructure consists of ferrite and tempered bainite. The ferrite contains numerous MX precipitates. M2X precipitates are sometimes formed already during the heat treatment, otherwise during operation.
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