AISI 304 Steel

Steel name: AISI 304
Diagram No.: 5180
Type of diagram: TTS
Mat. No. (Wr. Nr.) designation: 1.4307
AISI/SAE designation: 304
Chemical composition in weight %: 0.03% C, 18.020.0% Cr, 8.012.0% Ni, 0.10% N
Steel group: Austenitic stainless steels
Note: TTS diagram for Type 304 stainless steel with various carbon contents. Figure shows TTS curves for a number of Type 304 stainless steels with a variety of carbon contents, which reveal several things. Above about 900C (1650F) the steels remain completely austenitic. Between about 540C and 900C (1,000F and 1,650F), the time to begin precipitation varies by more than an order of magnitude. Chromium carbide precipitation kinetics is much slower in steels with lower carbon contents. From a practical standpoint, the curves show that when annealing or welding these steels with, they must be cooled rapidly below the nose of the curves to avoid sensitization and the associated danger of localized corrosion. Lowering the carbon content extends the available time for cooling, making it easier to avoid sensitization.
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