Transformation Diagrams (190 Diagrams)

0.032C-7.23Ni-2.02Mn Steel
0.04C-0.2Si-2.94Mn Steel I
0.04C-0.2Si-2.94Mn Steel II
0.04C-0.2Si-2.95Mn Steel III
0.081C-0.10Si-1.74Mn-0.18Ti Steel
0.1% C - 13.0% Cr Steel
0.12% C-0.85% Mn-0.3% Si-1.4% Ni-0.7% Cr Steel
0.27C-1Cr Steel
0.28C-1.41Mn-0.29Si-0.26Cr-0.11Ni-0.22Mo-0.027Nb Steel
0.28C-1.41Mn-0.29Si-0.26Cr-0.22Mo Steel
0.35% C, 0.37% Mn Hypoeutectoid Steel
0.37% C-0.8% Mn-0.3% Si-1.4% Ni-0.24% Mo Steel
0.38C-0.64Mn-0.23Si-0.99Cr Steel
0.38% C-V Steel
0.39C-0.86Mn-0.72Cr-0.97Ni Steel
0.4C-0.65Mn-0.08Al-V-Cr Steel
0.4C-1.15Mn-1.23Al-V Steel
0.4C-1.49Mn-0.08Al-V Steel
0.4C-1.50Mn-2.10Al-V Steel
0.56C-0.47Mn-0.35Si-0.10Mo-0.10Ni Steel
0.5C-0.77Mn-1.90Al-V-Cr Steel
0.71C-1.83Si-0.52Mn-0.5Cr-0.19Mo Steel
1-3/4 Mn Steel
1.2316 Steel
14MoV6-3 Steel
1.4024 Steel
1.4057 Steel
1.4122 Steel
1.4713 Steel
1.4913 Steel
1.4970 Steel
15-2-1 LC White Cast Iron
16MnCr5 Steel
18-8 Steel
18-8 Steel
2.25%Cr-1%Mo Steel
2.93C-0.60Si-0.78Mn-17.4Cr-0.04% Mo White Cast Iron
2.96C-0.52Si-0.79Mn-17.5Cr-0.98Cu-1.55Mo White Cast Iron
2.96C-0.93Si-0.79Mn-17.5Cr-0.98Cu-1.55Mo White Cast Iron
20-2-1 LC White Cast Iron
20NiCrMo2-2 Steel
2CrMoNiWV Steel
3% Mn Steels
304LN Steel
34CrMo4 Steel
34CrMo4 Steel
38Cr4 Steel
38Cr4 Steel
3Cr-1Mo Steel
3Mn-1Cr Steel
40WCrMoSi35-12 Steel
41Si7 Steel
42CrMo4 Steel
42CrMo4 Steel
45Mn5 Steel
45Mn5 Steel
45MnSi6 Steel
45MnSi6 Steel
5% Nickel Steel, 1.2% C
50CV4 Steel
50CrMo4 Steel
50CrMo4 Steel
51CrV4 Steel
55Si7 Steel
60NiCrMo11-03 Steel
61CrSiV5 Steel
8-10 % Cr Steels
90MV8 Steel
100 C 6 Steel
8630 Steel
Alloyed White Cast Iron
AISI 1045 Steel
AISI 1045 Steel
AISI 304, 316 and X6CrNiMoTi Steels
AISI 316 and AISI316L Steels
AISI 4130 Steel
AISI 4130 Steel
AISI 4140 Steel
AISI 4140 Steel
AISI 4140 Steel
AISI 4340 Steel
AISI 4340 Steel
AISI 5140 Steel
AISI E52100 Steel
AISI T1 Steel
API X-65 Steel
ASP 2017 Steel
ASP 2053 Steel
Ac1, Ac3, Ar1, Ar3, Ms and Mf points of SAE Steels
Alloy 718 and Alloy 718Plus
Alloy 718 and Alloy 718Plus
Alloy 718Plus
Astaloy CrM Steel
BN1 Steel
Bainitic Steels
C(0.10%)-Mn(0.89%)-Ni(1.25%) TIG Weld
Carburized 1320 (1.0% C) Steel
C-Mn-B Steel
C32 Steel
C38 Steel
C42 Steel
C42 Steel
C45 Steel + Microstructures
C55 Steel
C70 Steel
C80U Steel
C90 Steel
CMnAlSi TRIP Steel
CP800 Steel
Calculated and Experimental Diagrams of C-Mn-Nb Steels
Carbon Steel (Davenport and Bain, 1930) I
Carbon Steel (Davenport and Bain, 1930) II
Carbon Steel (Davenport and Bain, 1930) III
Carbon Steel (Davenport and Bain, 1930) IV
Carbon Steel (Davenport and Bain, 1930) V
Carbon Steel (Davenport and Bain, 1930) VI
Carbon Steel (Davenport and Bain, 1930) VII
Cast X155CrVMo121 Steel
Ce Steel
DSS 2205 Steel
En 44 Steel
E911 Steel
EUROFER 97 Steel
Effect of C on CCT diagram of steel
Effect of Mn on CCT diagram of steel
Elmax Steel
En36 Steel
En56 Steel
Eutectoid Steel
FL-4405 Steel
FLC-4608 Steel
Fe-0.25C-1.5Mn-1.2Si-1.5Ni-0.05Nb Steel
Fe-0.95C-0.36Mn-0.28Si-1.84Cr Steel
Fe-0.95C-0.44Mn-0.21Si-1.42C Steel
Fe-1.04C-0.32Mn-0.19Si-1.35Cr Steel
FeMnN Steel
Fe?0.11C?0.45Mn Steel
Fe?0.14C?0.74Mn Steel
Fe?0.14C?1.0Mn Steel
Four CCT Diagrams of Steels
HSLA Steel
HSLA80 Steel
HSLA80 Steel
HSLA 100 Steel
High Stregth Bainitic Steel
JIS-S55C, SUP9, SUP7 and SUP12 Steels
Low C-2.25Cr-1 .6W-V-Nb Steel
M11 Steel
Microalloyed Steel I
Microalloyed Steel II
Microalloyed Steel III
Microalloyed Steel IV
Microalloyed Steel V
Microalloyed Steel VI
Nb?Ti Micro-alloyed Steel
Ni-Hard 1 Steel I
Ni-Hard 1 Steel II
Ni-Hard 4 Steel I
Ni-Hard 4 Steel II
Niolox Steel
Nonalloyed Ductile Iron 3.5% C-0.2% Mn-2.71% Si
P23/P24 Steel
RB370 Steel
RB390 Steel
REX M2 Steel
RS Steel
S355N Steel
SAE 86B40 Steel
SAE/AISI 4140-4142 Steels
Si-CAL Steel
Si-Mn Steels
Superplast 400 Steel
T/P91 Steel
Toolox 33 Steel
Toolox 44 Steel
UNS S31803 Steel
UNS S31803 Steel
Ultra Low Carbon Steel
Z 120 M 12 Steel
W1 Tool Steel
W ST 3 Steel
X11CrMoWVNb9-1 Steel
X20CrMoV12-1 Steel
X38CrMoW5 Steel
X40 WCrV5 Steel
X40Cr14 Steel
X45Cr13 and X30Cr13 Steels
X60CrMoV and X45CrMoV1 Steels
X70 Steel

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